Places to visit

Spring at the turn to Korytnica, Liptovská Osada

The spring is situated near the turn to Korytnica, in the cadastral area of Liptovská Osada. It surfaces a few dozen metres away from road E77 (59), in the slope of a washed-out canal with a small creek running down the canal. It is located approximately 100 metres away from bus stop “Lipt.Osada,Korytnica-kúpele,rázc“.

– The water is led above the ground in an iron pipe.
– The water flows into a plastic tank, which serves as a water source for animals.
– Passing near the spring is a red-marked Donovaly cycling route and a green-marked bike trail.
– Passing near the spring is a thematic bike trail called Cyklokorytnička.
– Passing near the spring is a blue and yellow marked hiking trail.
– The spring is situated in the Great Fatra.