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Spring below rocks Kostoly, Komjatná

The spring is situated in a wooded area, by a forest road, in the cadastral territory of the town of Komjatná. You can get to the spring along the forest road which turns away from the main road a few dozen metres away from the chapel between Komjatná and Studničná. The water surfaces directly next to the road, approximately 180 metres away from the bridge over the creek.

– The water surfaces from a rocky bed covered with grass, directly by the road.
– The spring is unaltered and not in use.
– The spring can be identified based on a large rock by the road, located opposite the spring.
– The spring is situated in Podchočská Brázda, which is a sub-part of Oravská Vrchovina (the Orava Highlands).
– Situated in the vicinity of the spring are several other unaltered springs.