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Mineral spring Medokýš below a wooded area, Stankovany

The mineral spring is situated in Stankovany, in the wooded area behind the territory of Močiar, approximately 2.5 km away from the train stop in Stankovany. You can get to the spring along the paved road running along the railway line to the west. Running along the road is a blue-marked bike trail. At the place where the road splits up, we continue in the direction away from the railway line. We are passing by a wooded area, above the territory of Močiar with several mineral springs and a small pond. The road will lead us into the woods. A few metres below the road, at the place where the road makes a sharp curve to the left above the creek, you will find the spring. A few dozen metres before that, there is an old growth-covered road turning away from the road and leading to the creek, which is a more comfortable way to get to the spring, but you need to walk almost in the creek bed.

– Reference number of the mineral spring: LM – 130
– The water surfaces a few metres away from the creek, in a slope below the road.
– The water is clear, it produces a sulphur sediment and has a weak hydrogen sulphide smell.
– The water bubbles a little at the springhead.
– On a tree above the spring, there is a sheet-metal roof, which protects the spring.
– The water of the spring can be obtained by filling in a vessel.
– The spring is in a neglected condition, all the alterations have been removed.
– Situated by the spring is a concrete ring, which used to be placed in the spring and the water flowed out of it through an overflow pipe. The ring was covered with a wooden roof.
– Later on, a stainless-steel tub with an overflow pipe was placed in the spring and covered with a sheet-metal plate. The tub was also removed from the spring and you can find it near the spring.
– The spring is not marked and it is only used sporadically by random passers-by, mainly due to a large number of other springs with easier access situated in this location.
– The spring is situated in Šípska Fatra, which is a sub-part of the Great Fatra.
– Passing above the spring is a blue-marked bike trail running from Ružomberok to Podšíp.