Downhill track: Blizzard

Track number: 9
Length: 4,100 m
Average slope: 9.7 %
Vertical distance: 392 m
Difficulty level: Advanced

Blizzard is a track for a wide range of bikers. From beginners, hardtail riders, to experienced enduro or downhill lovers. Blizzard is a single trail, a one line track with highly diverse surface. Its natural and artificially formed sections alternate between meadows and woodland areas, which are full of easy and moderately difficult obstacles in the form of terrain waves, small jumps, step-ups, wooden bridges, banked and unbanked curves and several easy root and rocky sections.
The low average slope and the deceleration exit points ensure a smooth ride without sharp braking. The overall length and playfulness of the track provide a light training for your technique as well as physical fitness.  Recommended for any xc trail, allmountain, enduro, freeride or downhill rider.