Hrabovo Water Reservoir

The swimmers who are used to colder temperatures can have a swim in Hrabovo water reservoir, situated in a lovely natural scenery.

It is situated in the Hrabovská Valley in Ružomberok, near the valley station of the cable car lift to Malino Brdo, approximately 2 km away from the town centre.

The reservoir is situated in the romantic mountain setting of the Great Fatra National Park and it is one of the most beautiful sport-recreational complexes in Slovakia.

There is a grassland beach area by the reservoir, providing a place to relax in the sun, with stairs leading from the beach to the water.

In addition to swimming, there are other options of relaxing in water during the summer months. You can rent a boat or try the attraction called aqua zorbing. It is suitable for adults as well as for children, and it is based on a large, clear, plastic ball, which you get into and which allows you to walk on water.

There is also a possibility of fishing, after purchasing of the necessary permits, of course.

The water reservoir was originally built for the needs of the nearby cotton mills, with which it was interconnected through a pipeline system.

There are several other attractions in the vicinity of the reservoir, such as “Tarzania” rope ride, or Zipline, on which you are as if flying above Hrabovo. There is also the already mentioned cable car lift and, for the lovers of downhill biking, the best Bike Park in Slovakia. You can also rent mountain cars or scooters and, after taking the car lift to the top, you can enjoy the adrenaline-filled ride down the hill.

From Hrabovo, you can ride bikes or walk to the nearby Čutkovská Valley, which also offers many attractions, or to the Calvary, which offers a beautiful view.