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Spring “žliebok” (small channel) below Radičiná, Ružomberok - Hrboltová

The spring is situated in the vicinity of a hiking trail running to Radičiná, above Ružomberok’s district Hrboltová. It is located approximately 650 metres away from the hiking signpost below Radičiná. You can get to the vicinity of the spring along the red-marked hiking trail from Ružomberok, from train stop “Ružomberok-Rybárpole“.

– The spring is man-altered, but abandoned.
– The water is led from the bed in a plastic pipe installed in a plastic barrel.
– The surrounding area of the spring is covered with growth and abandoned.
– In the past, the spring was used mainly by the passers-by on their way to Radičiná.
– It is located approximately 50 metres away from a hiking trail, but the turn to the spring is not marked.
– Passing near the spring is also a yellow-marked bike trail.