Kalameny Thermal Spring

A possibility of pleasant and free relaxation in warm mineral water is provided by the thermal spring with a pond in Kalameny.

It is situated at the beginning of the Kalamenianska Valley, past the town of Kalameny, which lies 13 kilometres eastward from Ružomberok.

From the town, we follow the yellow hiking mark, which is going to lead us directly to the pond, which is clearly visible from the road, on the left side. From the church in the town, it is approximately 1 km to the spring. You can get there on foot, on a bike or by car.

In 2000, an artificial well was made here and an artificial pond was built around it, with dimensions of approximately 20 × 10 metres. The water reaches a pleasant temperature of 33 degrees Celsius. That allows bathing in each season of the year. The pond is about half a metre deep and its bottom is covered with small rocks. The medicinal water surfaces from the depth of 500 metres, it is mildly mineralized and it has a light orange colour. There is also a small fountain created by the springing water. We can sit down by the fountain and let the pressure current massage us. The thermal water has beneficial effects particularly on the musculo-skeletal system. The pond is surrounded by a grass area. On the other side, the bank runs along Kalamenianka stream, which is separated from the thermal spring and the pond. You can cross the pond through a wooden bridge. In the vicinity of the pond, there are several benches and a fireplace with a sitting area.

From the pond, it is possible to continue following the yellow marking along the hiking trail to the ruins of the Liptov Castle, which used to be the castle with the highest altitude in Slovakia and it offers an amazing view of the surroundings.