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Memorial to the Victims of the Slovak National Uprising in Korytnica

The memorial is situated in Korytnica, approximately 25 km away from the centre of Ružomberok.

It was revealed in 1963 and it commemorates the large number of victims fallen and killed during the Slovak National Uprising.

It is situated in a forest park and it is accessible through a wide staircase. It is inscribed: Paying tribute to the battle heroes, glory to the heroes. On the right side of the inscription, there used to be a relief of five persons, unfortunately, two of them are missing now. Standing on the left is a tall and slim three-sided pylon.

The memorial is located behind the former “Hygiea” spa house. Unfortunately, as most of the former spa premises, it is in deteriorated condition. It is unfortunate, because it used to be such an important building, as it used to house the insurgent hospital during the Slovak National Uprising, from September 6th to October 28th of 1944. It was the Military Hospital from Ružomberok, which joined the SNU and relocated here. Here, in this battle area, the hospital provided assistance to the wounded.