Places to visit

Cross Sedem Kostolov, Studničná

The cross is situated in the village of Studničná, in the cadastral territory of the town of Komjatná. It is located by the road below rocky cliff Sedem Kostolov. It is located approximately 250 metres away from bus stop “Komjatná,Studničná“.

– The cross is made of wood, with a sheet metal depiction of Christ.
– The cross has an oval roof.
– The cross is east-oriented.
– Fixed to the metal base of the cross is a lantern for candles.
– There is an iron fence around the cross.
– There is a sitting area by the cross.
– Situated opposite the cross is an educational panel about Studničná.
– Passing by the cross is a red-marked hiking trail running from Švošov, through Komjatná and Radičiná, to Ružomberok.
– Passing in the vicinity of the cross is a yellow-marked bike trail running from Ružomberok, below Radičiná, to Valaská Dubová.