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Spring in the Sliačska Valley 2, Liptovské Sliače - Stredný

The spring is situated in the upper part of the Sliačska Valley, below hill Chlopec, in the area called Vápenica. It surfaces below the slope, 3 metres away from the Sliačanka creek, in a small springhead. It is located approximately 400 m away from the cabin at the end of the valley, where the asphalt road ends.

– The water surfaces from gravel terrain, covered with moss.
– The spring creates an approximately five-metre-long and one-metre-wide springhead area (gradually creating a moor).
– The water from the spring is the right-bank tributary of the Sliačanka creek.
– The spring is unaltered and not in use.
– The surrounding area is covered with growth.
– The spring is situated in the protected zone of the Low Tatras National Park.