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Church of Our Lady of Sorrows in Švošov

The Roman-Catholic Church of Our Lady of Sorrows is situated in the town of Švošov, approximately 15 km away from the centre of Ružomberok.

The church, which is a dominant element in the town, was finished and consecrated in 1994. The main initiator and promoter of the construction was a local native and a priest of the Diocese of Spiš, Mons. Ján Maga. The church was built at the location of a former school.

It has a slender tower, which is 28 metres tall. The floor plan has the shape of an open fan. There is a text sign greeting the visitors at the entrance, which reads: in the spirit and in the truth. The main adornment of the church are two oil paintings by national artist Vincent Hložník, which depict Jesus Christ. Another interesting feature is the sculptural group, which depicts Mary holding her son Jesus, after his martyred body was taken down from the cross. Her head is tilted back from the pain and sorrow. The artist was able to create this sculptural group from one piece of oak wood. The statue is situated under the cross, to the left of the altar. It portrays the greatest pain that is possible in the world: when a mother holds her passed-away child in her arms. In front of the confessional, visitors might notice the statue of Mary Magdalene, portrayed in the moment of great sorrow, so much that she gives the impression of a bundle of grief. The statues are the work of academic sculptor Ladislav Kacvinsky. Located in the church are also rocks from holy places: from the spring of the River Jordan, from Sinai, or from Mount Gerizim. Another attractive feature are the stained-glass windows, which portray scenes from the life and the crucifixion of Jesus. Behind the altar, you can see crucified Jesus and the scene of the Last Supper.