Places to visit

Chapel above the Calvary, Lisková

The chapel is situated above the town of Lisková, at the border of cadastral territories of towns Martinček and Lisková. It is situated at the periphery of a wooded area, by a steep southern slope with a view of the surroundings. It is located approximately 700 metres away from bus stop “Martinček,,OcÚ“.

– The chapel has brick walls and a sitting area inside.
– Inside the chapel, there is an altar with a statue of Virgin Mary.
– There are several other statues and crosses inside the chapel.
– The chapel has a saddle roof with a stainless-steel cross at the top.
– The back wall of the chapel is decorated with a cross.
– The side walls of the chapel have windows, one of them is in the shape of a cross.
– There is a small cross above the entrance to the chapel.
– There is a sitting area by the chapel.
– Leading to the chapel is a way of the cross from Lisková, which ends by the chapel.
– The chapel is south-oriented.
– From the chapel, you get a view of the town of Lisková, the Liptov Basin, the ridge of the Low Tatras, a part of the High Tatras and the West Tatras, or the Great Fatra.
– There is a cross in front of the chapel. Formerly, there used to be three crosses.