From Vlachy to Liptovská Mara Dam with Children

On bicycles to the biggest dam in Liptov.

Start and destination: parking lot by the municipal authority in Vlachy
Trail: 4 km (+ 4 km back)
Marking: blue bike trail, green bike trail
Surface: asphalt road, panelled road
Difficulty level: mildly rising path, with a steeper rise to the dam wall
Safety: The trail leads through the town along the local third-class road. Around the dam, there are moving vehicles of the visitors to the archaeological open-air museum Havránok and the fishermen. For your safety, we recommend pushing the bicycles on your way back along the panelled road running downhill from the dam.

We begin the trail by the municipal authority in the town of Vlachy. We continue along the road leading to the bridge over the channel with water flowing from the Liptovská Mara dam. Here we can make a detour of approximately 20 minutes along the dam of the channel (turn left before the bridge) to an animal pen. We cross the bridge and we are entering the town district of Vlašky. At the building of the former railway station in Vlašky, we join the green-marked bike trail running in the right direction to the water dam. We pass by the final houses and the path changes from the asphalt road to a panelled road. Through a short but steep rise, the panelled road will lead us up to the wall of the water dam. Here we get views of the water reservoir and the ridge of the Great Fatra and the Low and the West Tatras. The path changes to an asphalt road again, and it leads us along the dam to the docks area with a replica of the church tower. The church that used to stand here has been moved to the open-air museum of Liptov village in Pribylina. From here, we recommend making a short detour up the hill, to the restored Celtic settlement of Havránok. We continue further along the road by the water dam and at the place where the road slowly begins to turn downhill, we take a left turn to an unmarked road leading to a hotel, which is currently out of operation. At the hotel, our trail ends and after some rest and admiring the views, we turn around to go back. After we have returned from the hike, we can use the restaurant services located at the beginning of the trail.

– There is a restaurant establishment at the beginning of the trail.
– In the vicinity of the beginning of the trail, in the direction to Krmeš and Ľubeľa, there is a well with potable water located by the road.
– In the vicinity of the beginning of the trail, there is an old manor house.
– At the beginning of the trail, it is possible to take a detour to an animal pen with roe deer. Please do not feed the animals.
– There is an architecturally interesting building of the former railway station in Vlašky. Prior to the construction of the Liptovská Mara dam, the Košice – Bohumin railway line used to run through this territory.
– The dam wall itself is a technical monument, and there is also an educational panel.
– It is possible to visit the archaeological open-air museum “Havránok” (approx. 10 minutes on foot)
– There is a seasonal exhibition and a snack bar in the tower of a former church.
– Possibility of boating on the dam.
– The final section of our trail, which leads to a hotel (out of operation), is not a marked bike trail, but the climb up the slightly rising hill will reward you with a beautiful view of the dam.
– Those who feel like it may continue approximately 1.5 km further along the green-marked bike trail through the small town of Bobrovník, until you reach “Marína Liptov” resort, where you will find a pier with a view, a restaurant and other supplementary services.