In the summer time, children’s amusement park “Obrovo” offers a lot of fun and attractions for both younger and older kids.

It is situated in the beautiful natural scenery of the Čutkovská Valley, approximately 4 km away from the centre of the town.

The amusement park is named after a giant, “Čutko”, who allegedly lives in the Čutkovská Valley. He is said to be the last living giant in the world.

Right by the entrance you will find trampolines, which are Čutko’s bed. During the day, kids can jump on the trampolines as much as they like, and for the night, they serve as a bed where Čutko the Giant lays down to sleep.

After that, kids can test their mobility skills on the rope obstacle course around Čutko’s crayons. From there, they will climb up to Čutko’s cradle, from which they can slide back to the ground on the Giant’s rope net.

In the park, kids can also swing, crawl through the tunnel inside the Giant’s flute, slide on the slide shaped like the Giant’s spoon, or play the game of giant Ludo.

Older kids can try shooting a bow, younger kids can wash the Giant’s teeth with splash guns.

From Obrovo Park, the whole family can take a non-demanding walk along the Giant’s road from the Čutkovská Valley to the Hrabovská Valley, on which you will pass by the Giant’s binoculars, the Giant’s chair and the Giant’s glasses.