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Spring Vyšné Javoriská by a cabin, Ružomberok - Podsuchá

The spring is situated by a cabin in the valley of Vyšné Javoriská above Ružomberok’s recreational town Podsuchá. The spring is located approximately 700 metres away from a hiking signpost by a shepherd’s hut. You can get to the spring along the road from the signpost, which runs above the houses and continues on meadows. From the road, you need to turn to an indistinct path in the direction to the woods, which makes a turn before reaching the creek and leads to a cabin.

– The water is led above the ground through a metal pipe.
– The spring is regulated and it is a part of a shelter at the premises of a private cabin.
– The water flows into a small pond lined with stones, from where it flows underneath the ground into the creek.
– There is a sitting area by the spring.
– The spring is used by the visitors of the cabin.
– There is a map for hikers in the vicinity of the spring.