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Complex “U Dobrého Pastiera”

Complex “U Dobrého Pastiera” consists of shepherd’s huts, where you can have a good meal or perhaps sit down and chat with your family or friends.

It is situated in the Čutkovská Valley, located approximately 4 km away from the centre of the town.

The complex is situated in the beautiful natural scenery in the valley by “Čutkovský” creek, and it is one of the most visited places in Liptov.

It actually consists of three shepherd’s huts. The most recent one is “Koliba Richtárka”, where you can enjoy traditional Slovak meals prepared according to recipes of local housewives. The restaurant also has a spacious outdoor patio and a kids’ corner, where kids can play with traditional toys. There is also a banquet room and, in the basement, there is a room furnished in the style of an old historical tavern.

Right next to it, there is “Koliba U Dobrého Pastiera”, also called “Stará Koliba”. Every morning, they prepare traditional Slovak breakfast with fresh home-made baked goods from their own bakery. This “koliba” is usually open during weekend afternoons (except for breakfast). During that time, similarly to their neighbour, they offer mainly traditional Slovak meals. This shepherd’s hut also has a patio and a banquet room in the style of a traditional Liptov room. The hut also offers accommodation in nine separate rooms.

Another part of the complex is “Koliba Fatranka”, which is situated on a meadow, on the other side of the creek, closer to the town. In addition to beverages, this shepherd’s hut also offers traditional flat bread called “podplamenník”. On warmer days, they also offer outdoor sitting, and there is also a playground for kids, which is very popular and frequently used.

In the complex of “U Dobrého Pastiera”, they have their own bakery, where they bake home-made bread, sweet pastry, traditional crackling scones and other baked goods. In the shop, you can buy home-made marmalade, syrup, souvenirs, and the cheese shop offers cheese and dairy products, such as “parenica”, “oštiepok”, or string cheese.

The complex also includes chapel “U Dobrého Pastiera”, with a fish pond situated nearby. Right next to it, there is a very popular farmyard, especially among kids, where you can look at domestic animals in close proximity, including cows, pigs, rabbits, hens or geese. Opposite the farmyard, there is a meadow where you can see grazing sheep – Wallachian breed, from spring to autumn. Near the sheep, behind the fence, you can have a close look at boars.

On the other side of the creek, there is children’s amusement park “Obrovo”, which offers many attractions for children.

There is an old asphalt road running through the Čutkovská Valley, along which you can take a non-demanding walk, and it is also suitable for children or a stroller. Running through the valley is an educational trail called “Známa Neznáma”, which will lead you to two waterfalls and the opening of a mountain pass.