Čutkovská Valley with Children

There are many hidden attractions and natural beauties on the trail through the Čutkovská Valley.

Start and destination: parking lot in front of the shepherd’s hut (“Koliba”) in the Čutkovská Valley.
Trail: 4 km (+ 4 km back)
Marking: yellow bike trail, blue hiking trail, educational trail
Surface: asphalt road
Difficulty level: mildly rising road with one steeper rising section
Safety: Entry of vehicles is prohibited on the trail, but there might be sporadically passing cars with foresters or cabin owners.

We start the trail at the mouth of the Čutkovská Valley, by the local shepherd’s huts. Right at the beginning, we pass by a pond with a lot of fish, behind which there is a barn with domestic animals, which we might have a look at when we return from our hike. A little bit further we pass by a fence with boars, behind which there is a sheep pen. (During summer months, the sheep are usually grazing on the pastures and in winter, they are closed in the barn.) After a few metres, we come to a dam, where you can try fishing in the form of catch and release. We continue to a meadow with fireplaces and benches. At the end of the meadow, behind the creek with a wooden bridge, there is a well with water. We arrive at the place where the green-marked bike trail is turning away to the Ľubochnianska Valley, but we continue along the asphalt road up the valley. Right by the road, there is another well with water.
The road leads us to a cross with a bench, where we can rest. We are slowly reaching the place where the road gets a bit steeper. We walk up the steeper rising section and the road turns slightly downhill, leading to a meadow. At this place, there is a left turn to waterfall “Jelení Vodopád”, which we may take on foot, without bicycles. With kids, the way up to the waterfall will take about 45 minutes. The path through the valley continues past the feeders for woodland animals. At the old hunting cabin, we cross the bridge, after which there is another well with water on the left. A few metres further, there is a right turn to waterfall “Jamišný Vodopád” (“Pálenický Vodopád”), which we may take on foot, without bicycles. With kids, the way up to the waterfall will take about 30 minutes. A little bit further after the turn to the waterfall, there is a cabin called “Chata pod Kozím”, at which we end the trail and we return back. After we have returned from the hike, we can use the services located at the beginning of the trail.

– At the beginning of the trail, there is a restaurant, a playground for kids and a multifunctional playground, a children’s amusement park called “Obrovo”, and more.
– Fishing at the dam is possible for a fee, which you can pay at the local shepherd’s hut.
– In the “Obrovo” complex, you can borrow electric scooters during summer months.
– You can use the camping area with fireplaces and benches to roast your own sausages or bacon.
– Along the trail, there are three springs with potable water.
– On the detour to the waterfalls, remember to take into account extra time for returning to the valley.
– If you only want to see one of the waterfalls, we recommend the second one, “Jamišný”, because the path to it is less difficult.
– Our trail also runs along the educational trail “Známa Neznáma”, and we can see its educational panels along the entire trail.
– The path continues further to Vtáčnik Hill, but the terrain gets more difficult, so we recommend returning back.
– If you still have some energy left and you have seen both waterfalls, you can continue further through the valley to the educational panel about meadows, “o Lúkach”, from where you can continue on foot, without bicycles, to mountain pass “Tiesňava Za Dierou” (following the path by the creek), after which you will have also finished the entire educational trail.
– The trail enters in the territory of the Great Fatra National Park, therefore you must observe its rules for the visitors.