Places to visit

Sacral Monuments

Sacral theme can be seen in Ružomberok in almost every area of the town. In the town centre, there are several churches, whether Catholic, Evangelical, or a Jewish synagogue. All these buildings form part of the town and, with their historical, architectural and sacral value, they complete the colouring of Ružomberok. One can come across sacral buildings in other parts of the town as well, among others, there is a church, a Calvary, a municipal cemetery, but also chapels, crosses and more. In the close surroundings, there is also a number of important sacral buildings, many of which became filming locations for movies or are associated with legends, including the legends about the Knights Templar. The entire surroundings of Ružomberok are as if dotted with chapels, crosses and other pilgrimage sites, which are worth visiting, as they many times offer not only the aesthetic and the sacral value, but they are also interesting due to their location, surroundings, or views.