Places to visit

Ružomberok Town Hall

The historical building of the Town Hall is one of the main dominants of Ružomberok.

It is situated in the centre of the town, at A. Hlinka Square, right next to the building of the Parish Church of Saint Andrew.

What is worth noticing on the building is its ornamental facade and its attractive corner tower. The building has a four-winged disposition, with a regular quadrangle floor plan.

It was built at the end of the 19th century. There are several interesting facts related to its construction. Right at the beginning of its construction, an extensive burial site was discovered, from which they subsequently transported 12 wagons full of human bones. Then, prior to completion of the new building, the corner tower collapsed and five construction workers from Liptov died in this unfortunate event.

For quite a long time there was also a Roman Catholic clergyman’s house located in the southern part of the building, active in which was also the important Slovak patriot, politician and priest, Andrej Hlinka. 

There is also a commemorative plaque of A. Hlinka on the building. In addition to this plaque, one can also notice a commemorative plaque and a bust of R. W. Seton – Watson.

Today, the building serves as the seat of the Municipal Authority. In the recent period, the building has been extensively renovated, a client centre has been established in the atrium for citizens to attend to any important matters. In the building, you can also find, for example, the town’s mayor, mayor’s representatives, the head of the municipal authority, the main architect of the town and the registry office.

In front of the town hall, you can also look at the Marian Column of the Immaculate from 1858.