Places to visit

Spring Medzi Hroble, Lisková

The spring is situated by a hiking trail at the periphery of the woods in the area of Medzi Hroble, approximately 2 km away from the village of Martinček. You can get to the spring following a blue-marked trail from Likavka, or an unmarked path from the village of Martinček, which connects to the blue-marked trail.

– The spring is man-altered and used by the passing-by tourists and owners of the nearby cabins.
– The spring is collected into a covered tank.
– From the tank, the water is led in a plastic pipe and it flows out into a conduit lined with tiles.
– The water flows away into the bushes and partially into the pond located a few metres below the spring.
– Passing by the spring is a blue-marked hiking trail from Ružomberok, through Likavka, notch Sedlo Spuštiak and Stredná Poľana, to Valaská Dubová.