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Viewpoint at the notch below Malý Salatín

A viewpoint area on the meadow at the notch below Malý Salatín with a view of the Low Tatras.

It is situated south of Ružomberok, surrounded by the towns of Liptovská Lúžna, Ludrová and Liptovské Sliače. It is a part of the Low Tatras. The viewpoint is situated at 1420 m.a.s.l. It is located 11 km away from the centre of Ružomberok (as the crow flies). The viewpoint consists of a meadow steeply sloping down to the east, with a wooden bench to sit on. The viewpoint mainly offers a view of the east and the south. The viewpoint meadow is visible from the ridge of the Low Tatras.

It can be accessed along a marked hiking trail from the towns of Liptovské Sliače, Ludrová and Liptovská Lúžna.

The viewpoint can be reached from Liptovské Sliače (from Vyšné Sliače), from where we are guided by the blue-marked hiking trail through the peak of Malý Salatín.

From the viewpoint area, we can admire the rocky terraces of Malý Salatín, Salatín, and the view of other peaks of the Low Tatras, such as Poludnica, Sinná, Krakova Hoľa, Ľupčianska Magura, Bôr, Chabenec, Ďurková, Latiborská Hoľa and more. In the north view, you can see the peak of Great Choč.

– The hike to the viewpoint is possible all year round, winter gear should not be forgotten in winter.
– The hiking tour from Liptovské Sliače takes approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes.
– The meadow at the viewpoint has a wooden bench to sit on.
– If you want to visit the viewpoint during winter, you might consider participating in the annual winter climb to the nearby peak of Malý Salatín (Saint Stefan’s Day hiking tour on December, 26)
– The viewpoint is usually not the final target point for hikers, they only pass through on their way to Salatín or Malý Salatín.
– The trail from Liptovské Sliače was marked in 2018.
– In the summer months, there are usually snakes warming up in the grass surrounding the viewpoint.
– The viewpoint is situated in the Low Tatras National Park.
– The viewpoint is situated in the National Nature Reserve of Salatín with the highest level of protection.