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Spring in Maďarovo, Ružomberok

The spring is situated at the periphery of a mountain meadow in the area of Maďarovo, approximately 100 metres away from a hiking trail. There is no trail leading to the spring, but you can easily get to the spring from the hiking trail.

– In a plastic pipe, the water is led from the spring into drinking basins.
– The water is used as a water source for livestock.
– The spring is protected with an electric fence.
– Passing in the vicinity of the spring is a red-marked hiking trail from Černová, through Šiprúň notches, to Podsuchá.
– At approximately 150 metres away from the spring, there is a hiking signpost, which is the end of two other hiking routes. A blue one from Ľubochňa and a yellow one from the Bystrá Valley.
– The spring is situated in the Great Fatra Mountain, in the protected zone of the Great Fatra National Park.