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Spring in the area of Dielec, Ružomberok

The spring is situated in the area of Dielec near a housing area called Baničné, in Ružomberok. From the street of “Cesta na Vlkolínec”, there is an unmaintained path with length of approximately 50 m, which leads to the spring along the back side of the garages. The spring is situated at the periphery of the meadow under the electric power line.

– The spring is led out from the ground through an iron pipe.
– The water flows into the drinking basins for livestock.
– In the past, the spring was mainly used as a water source for grazing livestock.
– Passing near the spring (100 m) is a green-marked hiking trail leading from the centre of Ružomberok, past Vlkolínec, to the ridge of the Great Fatra.