Park Snow Donovaly

The “Park Snow Donovaly” ski resort is one of the most famous ski resorts in Slovakia.

It is situated on the border between the Low Tatra Mountain and the Great Fatra Mountain and also on the border between the regions of Žilina and Banská Bystrica, approximately 30 km away from Ružomberok.

Donovaly resort offers over 11 km of ski runs, located in two complexes: Záhradište and Nová Hoľa. Nová Hoľa is more suitable for skiers with more experience. It has a combination of a 6-seat chair lift and an 8-seat cable car lift. Záhradište is more suitable for beginners and for skiers with little experience. It has a 4-seat chair lift. In addition to the lifts, there are also 14 tows in the resort. In total, you can ski on 18 ski runs of various difficulty levels. The lovers of cross-country skiing will be satisfied too, as there are 4 cross-country tracks waiting for them at the resort.

Donovaly resort also includes a high-quality snow park: “Riders Park Záhradište” with obstacles of various difficulty levels.

In the part of Mistríky, you will find a Fun Park for children, the largest one in Slovakia. It is suitable for the children who want to learn skiing, but also for the children who can ski already. There are 9 moving walkways and a motorized carousel, which helps children learn to ski. The ski school is available for kids from the age of 3. There is also a lot of fun and competitions waiting for the kids at the Fun Park.

Another favourite attraction is night skiing with artificial lighting, available on the slope in Záhradište. There is also an ice rink situated by the bottom station of the lift to Nová Hoľa. Naturally, rental of ski equipment or ski service are available too.

The resort has several restaurants, bars and accommodation facilities.

Photo: Archive of PARK SNOW Donovaly