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Spring by the Matejkovský Creek, Ružomberok - Nižné Matejkovo

The spring is situated in Ružomberok’s district Podsuchá, in the upper section of valley Nižné Matejkovo, approximately ten metres away from the Matejkovský creek below the area of Oznica. The spring is located approximately 4.6 km away from the end of the settlement in Nižné Matejkovo. The water surfaces from a rocky bed under a tree. You can get to the spring along the red-marked hiking trail from Podsuchá.

– The spring is unaltered and not in use.
– The surrounding area of the spring is waterlogged and muddy.
– Passing by the spring is a red-marked hiking trail running from Černová, through Šiprúň notches, to Podsuchá.
– The spring is situated in the Great Fatra Mountain, in the protected zone of the Great Fatra National Park.