Places to visit

Rift from the water tower by the cemetery, Komjatná

The rift from the water tower is situated by the water tower outside of the cemetery in the town of Komjatná. In order to get to the rift, you need to pass by the main cemetery building, behind which the water tower is situated, and the rift is situated next to it.

– The water surfaces from a plastic pipe in a terrain channel, a few metres away from the water tower.
– The water flows out from the rift only at the times when there is enough water in the water tower.
– The rift is situated in Podchočská Brázda, which is a sub-part of “Oravská Vrchovina” (the Orava Highlands).
– There is a station near the rift.
– The area of the rift offers a view of Šíp, Kubínska Hoľa, Ostré with Hrdošná Skala and other peaks in the surroundings.