From Ludrová to Ostré

A medium-difficulty hike to places associated with the Slovak National Uprising, which follows a low-frequented route.

Start and destination: Ludrová (bus stop ”Ludrová,,otočka“)
Route: 7 km (in total, there and back)
Estimated time: 4.0 hours (in total, to the peak and back)
Marking: Red and yellow hiking trail mark
Vertical distance: 510 m
Difficulty level: The section through the valley up to the SNU memorial is non-demanding and runs on an old asphalt road. The section to notch Teplice is steep and slippery, especially on the way down. The top part of the section below notch Teplice is difficult with regard to orientation and attention. The final section of the route from notch Teplice is non-demanding, only at the end, below the peak, the terrain gets rocky in some places, but only in a short section.
Safety: The route includes sections of steeper terrain, which is washed out by water or untrodden. Risk is involved particularly when descending through the steeper sections. When passing through the untrodden sections of the route, you need to watch your steps, as the terrain is rocky and covered with growth and moss. The route is not suitable for children under the age of 10, because of the steep downhill sections. It is also not suitable for visitors with reduced mobility. We recommend using hiking poles and sturdy footwear.

By car: Parking in the area by the road at bus stop “Ludrová,,otočka“ or at free parking spaces in the village (by the refreshment establishment, by the mineral spring, by the asphalt playground).
By bus: From the bus station to bus stop ”Ludrová,,otočka“
By taxi: Taxi from the centre of the town will cost you about 10€.

The route begins at the last bus stop in the village of Ludrová. In the Ludrovská Valley, we will follow the red-marked hiking trail. An old asphalt road with gravel sections leads us past a farm building to the valley. A little bit further, on the meadow by the creek, there is a wooden hiking shelter in the shape of an umbrella. The valley becomes narrower and we are passing by a bridge over the creek, behind which there is a wooden cross and a bench. The trail leads us to another meadow, where we see a SNU memorial situated by the road. The memorial is dedicated to the victims of the battles in this area. By the memorial, there is a hiking shelter with a sitting area, where we can rest before the steep rise. The red trail continues further through the valley, but we will continue along the yellow-marked hiking trail, which begins by the creek, next to the memorial, and which will lead us all the way to the end of our hike. From the signpost, we continue on a steeply rising sloping road straight into the woods. The sloping road is washed out by rains, but it can be passed quite well. Marking is located on the trees by the road and it is made in such way that you can see the marks almost continually, either in front of you or behind you. At the place where the road enters onto a clearing, we can look back and get a partial view of the Choč Mountains and rock Jánošíkova Skala sticking out of the woods in front of us. The rise becomes less steep and we can enjoy raspberries growing by the trail (if they are ripe). The sloping road running along the ridge gets more and more covered with growth, but is stays visible enough, and it leads us to a hunters’ hide, after which we “swing across” a notch with young trees. On the other side, at the beginning of the woods, we can notice that our view when looking back has changed and now we can admire a part of the West Tatras in the background. A little bit further uphill, the sloping road will disappear completely and we will be guided by the marks slightly to the left, in the direction to a clearing. This section of the route is the one where orientation is the most difficult, because there is no actual pathway and we are guided by the marks on the trees. (For the most part, you need to stay on the side of the trees on which the marks are located.) As the path is virtually non-existent, you need to watch where you are stepping, as the terrain under the vegetation is rocky with various craters, cracks and branches. The marking will lead us almost all the way to the clearing, to a growth-covered sloping road, which we simply cross to get to the other side. We continue perpendicular to the sloping road, straight up the hill. If you lose your sense of direction, all you need to do is continue uphill and after a few minutes, you will get to a more distinct sloping road, to which the marking would lead you as well. (Fortunately, this section without any actual pathway is not very long, but you can experience real wilderness here, except for the nearby clearing area. The untrodden section of the route is also well-marked and you are always able to see the next mark.) On the sloping road we have climbed to, go to the left. The wood path will lead us to a meadow notch, Sedlo Teplice, where our route connects to the green-marked hiking trail from Podsuchá and Brankovo. From the signpost at the periphery of the meadow in the notch, we continue to the right. On the first tree, we might notice a frame with information about the history of this area, as well as information on how this area is related to the Slovak National Uprising. We are passing by the direction marks of the green-marked hiking trail, along which we continue uphill, first on a mild rise, but after a while the rise becomes steeper. The marking follows the ridge, sometimes it runs below the ridge on the left and then it returns on the ridge. Below the peak, there is an aluminium direction sign on a tree (it is more visible on the way down from the peak) pointing towards a grave of an unknown soldier, who died during the SNU. The grave is located about 100 metres away from the trail, slightly downhill. After a few minute walk from the turn to the grave, the trail leads us to a rock, which, in damp weather, we can get around from the right side. After passing the rock, it is only a short while to Ostré, or Ostrô, as it is called by the locals. At the peak, there are memorial plaques dedicated to the participants of the SNU. The peak offers only partial views of Salatín and Prašivá. At the peak, we can write our names in the hikers’ book, or just browse through it and see who visited the peak. After resting, we return to Ludrová along the same route.

– In the vicinity of the beginning of the route, there is a mineral spring, situated by which is the Museum of Handmade Paper Production.
– In the vicinity of the beginning of the route, there is a refreshment establishment.
– The route passes through the protected zone of the Low Tatras National Park.
– For our way back down, we can also choose the green-marked hiking trail to Biely Potok (Ružomberok). Descent takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.
– In the vicinity of notch Sedlo Teplice (along the green-marked hiking trail), you will find a hunters’ hide, from which you get a view of the Choč Mountains, the West Tatras and peak Salatín in the Low Tatras.
– There are no man-altered springs along the route, but there are several unaltered ones in the vicinity of the route. They are not marked, however.