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Well in the valley of Uhlisko, Ružomberok - Vlkolínec

The well is situated next to a trail in the upper part of a small valley called Uhlisko situated below Vlkolínec, in the cadastral territory of Ružomberok. It is located approximately 500 metres away from the built-up area of Vlkolínec. You can get to the well along an unmarked trail running through the valley of Uhlisko from Vlkolínec, in the direction to Biely Potok.

– The well consists of a wooden structure with a roof covered with wooden shingles.
– Inside the well, there is a wooden barrel-shaped vessel with a wooden conduit.
– The well is often dried out and the water flows out more often from under the well structure than from the conduit.
– The surrounding area of the well is covered with growth and abandoned.
– Passing by the well is an unmarked trail connecting Vlkolínec and Biely Potok.
– In the vicinity of the well, you can find old stalls (hay barns).
– The well is situated in the protected zone of the Great Fatra National Park.
– The well is situated in the protected zone of the monument reserve of Vlkolínec.
– The well area offers a view of peak Brankov.