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Chapel of Saint Anne, Studničná

The chapel is situated in the village of Studničná, in the cadastral territory of the town of Komjatná. It is located at the periphery of the village, below the area of Prieseka. It is located approximately 350 metres away from bus stop “Komjatná,Studničná“.

– The chapel has brick walls, statues of saints, a small altar and a painting.
– The chapel has a small tower with a cross at the top.
– The chapel is covered with felt shingles.
– The front shield of the chapel is lined with wood.
– The chapel has south-west orientation.
– The chapel has a panel with information about the chapel.
– The original chapel from 1905 was dedicated to the Feast of the Assumption. Its construction was ordered by some natives from America.
– In 1994, they added the section with the indoor sitting area and the sacristy, with the intention to hold masses in the chapel.
– In 2013, they added the outside shelter.
– The last regular mass was held in the chapel on 27.7.2020, after which a new church was opened.
– The chapel has undergone several reconstructions, the last one in 2021, when it was given back almost its original look from 1905, alongside of which they also left the added sacristy from 1994.
– The painting of Saint Anne in the chapel is the work of Mgr. Veronika Jackaninová from Komjatná.
– Situated by the chapel is a sitting area and a cross.
– From the chapel, you get a view of the surroundings of Studničná.
– Passing in the vicinity of the chapel is a red-marked hiking trail running from Švošov, through Komjatná and Radičiná, to Ružomberok.