Even in such northern mountainous region as Lower Liptov (Ružomberok district), you can find many places where you can go bathing. During the summer months, you can go bathing and swimming, for example, in the water reservoir in the Hrabovská Valley, which has a beach area for bathers, including the option of renting beach chairs or boats. In the neighbouring Čutkovská Valley, there is another water reservoir, where you can swim as well, if you want to, in the water that is a little bit colder. However, this reservoir does not have a beach area for bathers. The largest body of water available is “Liptovská Mara” Dam, with several beaches offering additional services to the visitors. In addition to the regular water reservoirs, you can also find relaxation in ponds with mineral water, situated in Kalameny, Stankovany or Liptovské Sliače. If these outdoor bathing options are not sufficient for you, Ružomberok also offers a municipal indoor swimming pool or several hotel pools available to the public. Among the services located in the surroundings, there is Gothal complex in Liptovská Osada with several pools, a well-known medical spa in Lúčky, or a nearby water park in Bešeňová with many pools and water slides. If that is still not enough for you, you can find other water parks in Liptovský Mikuláš or Dolný Kubín, situated approximately within a half an hour drive from Ružomberok.