From Ružomberok to a Swamp in Stankovany

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Currently, the trail is closed in the section of Hrboltová – Švošov, due to construction of the motorway.

A trip on bikes along the Váh River to nature reserve “Močiar” in Stankovany.

Start and destination: Ružomberok, parking lot by the main railway station.
Trail: 17 km (+ 17 km back)
Marking: red, blue bike trail
Surface: road, paved road
Difficulty level: moderately difficult trail
Safety: The trail leads along local communications and field roads with little traffic. In the section after Hrboltová, there is traffic of trucks used in the motorway construction.

We start our trail by the railway station in Ružomberok, from where we follow the red-marked bike trail. We pass by the bus station, after which we turn right to the railway crossing to the town of Likavka. For a safer passing of the crossing, we recommend crossing the railway on foot. After crossing of the railway line, we turn left to a road running along the railway line, and we are leaving the red-marked bike trail. After a few metres, we arrive at an intersection, where there is a blue-marked bike trail. The blue trail will lead us along the railway line to a district in Ružomberok called Rybárpole, with a train stop bearing the same name. From Rybárpole, we climb through mildly rising terrain to the top of the hill, from which we get views of the Great Fatra. We enter the town district of Nová Hrboltová, from where we continue, passing through the fields, continuously uphill, passing by a cross on the left and a chapel on the right, to Hrboltová. Particularly noteworthy in Hrboltová is its interesting church. At the end of Hrboltová, we pass by the forest park of Hrboltová with a memorial of World War I and II. As we leave Hrboltová, we are also leaving the asphalt road and switching to a paved road, where you need to pay attention especially to the vehicles used in the motorway construction. We pass below quarry “Skladaná Skala” and we get out on the meadows and fields, where our path changes to an asphalt road of better quality. On the left side behind the railway, at the place where we enter the town of Švošov, there is an old building of the Komjatná train stop. We can make a stop in Švošov and buy refreshments in the local restaurant establishment which we pass on the way. The trail leads us further, along the railway line, to the spa town of Ľubochňa. However, the trail only passes through the newer part of the town. We recommend also making a detour to the town centre with a spa park, historical buildings and a restaurant, where we can buy refreshments. We continue along the railway line and the Váh River to the town of Stankovany. In Stankovany, we pass through the railway crossing by the historical railway station building and continue along the line to the final houses. The asphalt road changes to a gravel road, which is going to lead us to the protected natural territory of “Močiar”. Here our trail ends and, after refreshment provided by the local springs, we return along the same route back to Ružomberok or we can choose the option of returning to Ružomberok by train.

– At the beginning of the trail, there is a restaurant in the railway station building.
– In front of the railway station building, there is a steam locomotive of the Korytnica railway.
– At the beginning of the trail, we can buy more supplies for the trip at a grocery shop.
– The Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Hrboltová is interesting because of the fact that, in this church, they have found a 750-year-old signature of a master, who signed himself with his palm print.
– There is a well near the church in Hrboltová, the so-called Spring of St. Catherine.
– The quarry is called “Skladaná Skala” (layered rock) because the rock of the quarry consists of layers with thickness of approximately 25 cm, and from a distance it appears as if made of layered stone slabs.
– “Komjatná” train stop is situated approximately 4 km away from the town.
– In Švošov, there is a hiking-educational trail of Švošov.
– Also running from Švošov is the educational trail of “Hubovský Okruh” (Hubová round trip).
– In Ľubochňa, there is a small hydro-power station, which used to power the first electrified railway in Austria-Hungary, and it includes an exhibition.
– In Stankovany, we can buy refreshments in the restaurant establishment by the railway station.
– In the territory of Močiar, there are mineral springs and a pond.
– The “Močiar” territory is protected by the law on nature protection, therefore behave in a respectful manner.
– In the part of Stankovany called Rojkov, which is situated behind the Váh River, there is a pond with mineral water, which has been altered for bathing purposes. The pond has wood bottom and stairs in order to ensure safety of the bathers.
– Those who want to, may continue along the blue-marked bike trail, all the way to the mountain town of Podšíp, with original historical wooden houses. However, the path to Podšíp is a lot more demanding in terms of physical fitness and also in terms of the quality of your bike and your off-road riding skills.