Places to visit

Station Liptovské Sliače, above Sliačska Magura

The station is situated above the town of Liptovské Sliače, below peak Chopec, in the area of Sliačska Magura. It is located in a hiking shelter situated on a mountain meadow by the hiking trail to Malý Salatín. It is located 6 km away from bus stop “Lipt.Sliače,Vyšný Sliač,u Cabana”.

– The station consists of a wood-carved cross with a carving of Christ.
– The station has north-east orientation.
– There is a wooden cross situated in the vicinity of the station.
– From the station, you get a view of the West Tatras.
– Passing by the station is a blue-marked hiking trail running from Liptovské Sliače to Malý Salatín.
–There is a trail running from the station / shelter to a well, which is located approximately a 7-minute walk away.
– The station is situated at the border of the Low Tatras National Park.