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The synagogue is one of the most beautiful and interesting cultural monuments in Ružomberok.

It is situated in the centre of the town, at Panská Street, near the confluence of the rivers Váh and Revúca.

The synagogue is built in the Neo-Romanesque, Moorish style. From the original furnishings, only the Aron ha-kodeš and rare chandeliers have been preserved. Aron ha-kodeš is a sanctuary typically found in synagogues. It stands separately against the eastern wall of the synagogue in the direction toward Jerusalem. It has two pillars on its sides, which resemble Solomon’s pillars at the entrance to the temple in Jerusalem. Inside the building, there are two spiral staircases on the sides and, on the first floor, there is a three-sided matroneum. Worthy of noticing in the interior is also the ornamental decoration of the arches.

The building was built in 1880 based on the example of the synagogue in Miškolec and it served as a prayer house for the religious community of the Jews. An unexpected event happened during its construction, the scaffolding burnt down. During World War II, the religious community of Jews disappeared and the synagogue ceased to serve its original purpose. During the war, it also functioned as a warehouse for the army, from 1945 it was used as a warehouse for the cotton mills.   The building continued to deteriorate for many years.

An extensive renovation in 2013 – 2014 has transformed the abandoned synagogue building into a community centre with regularly organized exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances and other cultural events.