Places to visit

In the mountainous landscape of Ružomberok’s surroundings, you can find many foothill valleys, which offer their visitors a unique experience of discovering and spending time in nature. Not every valley is well-known and visited by many people. There are smaller valleys which are unknown and hidden to the visitors, however, often times these valleys hide many unknown treasures worthy of being discovered. An example is the Čutkovská Valley in Ružomberok, which is known and frequently visited, however, until recently, the waterfalls and the mountain pass situated in this valley were hidden from the sight of the visitors. You can also get inspired and spend time discovering valleys and everything they offer, if you look for peaceful places, where you are more likely to run into a herd of does than into people. If you get lucky and discover something, it will make us happy if you share it with us, because in the abundance of valleys situated in the surroundings of Ružomberok, there is still a lot to be discovered.