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Spring at Ležoviská by route E8

The spring is situated near red-marked hiking trail E8, called “Cesta hrdinov SNP“ (Trail of SNU Heroes) from notch Hiadeľské Sedlo to Prašivá hill. The water surfaces about 50 metres away from the above-mentioned trail. There is a growth-covered path leading to the spring, marked with an indistinct wooden arrow on a tree, which reads “H2O”.

– The water surfaces from gravel terrain under rocks covered with growth and it flows away in a growth-covered conduit.
– The spring is man-altered, but abandoned.
– It is used only sporadically by hikers passing by.
– A few metres above the turn to the spring, there is a tree with a painted mark of the spring, but there is no trail leading from the mark to the spring, you need to go back downhill a few metres and look for the wooden arrow.
– The spring is situated in the Low Tatras National Park.