Places to visit

Ružomberok Stairs

One of the interesting things typical of Ružomberok are the stairs which connect the central A. Hlinka Square with the other parts of the town centre.

In total, there are six staircases. “Školské” (School Stairs), “Tmavé” (Dark Stairs), “Ružové” (Pink Stairs), Stairs at Mostová Street, “Severná ulička” (Northern Alley) and “Kláštorné” (Monastery Stairs), which is certainly a Slovak curiosity. Overall, they consist of 579 steps, which take us to A. Hlinka Square. The reason behind this curiosity is that the main Ružomberok’s square is built, somewhat non-typically, on a gently sloped hill above the centre of the town.

The most beautiful and the longest ones are “Školské” (School Stairs), consisting of 155 steps. They have impressive balustrades, which, along with the silhouette of the church, are a desired target for photographers. The stairs lead us from the Majere Street to the Parish Church of St. Andrew, and they also offer a turn towards the Andrej Hlinka Mausoleum. While walking on the stairs, one will certainly notice the Sculptural Group of Saint Joseph the Carpenter with a Child, the work by sculptor V. Mydlo. On the patio above the stairs, there is a large statue of A. Hlinka, and the patio offers a wonderful view of the part of the town and the surrounding landscape panorama.

“Tmavé” (Dark Stairs) and “Ružové” (Pink Stairs) start from Podhora Street, “Kláštorné” (Monastery Stairs) start from above the building of Liptov Museum, and the remaining two staircases start near the building of the A. Hlinka Community Centre.