Places to visit

Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows, Stankovany

The chapel is situated at the lower end of the town of Stankovany. It is situated in a fenced grass area by the family houses. It is located approximately 800 metres away from train stop “Stankovany“.

– The chapel was built in 1832 as an expression of gratitude for surviving of the cholera epidemic in the town.
– The chapel has brick walls and a sitting area inside.
– Inside the chapel, there is a small alter with statues of saints and paintings.
– At the front part of the chapel, there is a door with a small window, above which there is an inscription and an alcove with a statue of Virgin Marry.
– The roof of the chapel is covered with wooden shingles.
– The roof has a small tower without wall panels, with a bell inside.
– The bell in the chapel comes from a small belfry in the village of Podšíp, from where it was transported in the 60’s, during migration of the population.
– There are metal crosses placed at the top of the tower and at the back of the roof.
– In the side walls of the chapel, there are small windows with bars.
– In 2014, the chapel was renovated.
– There is a gutter built around the chapel for drainage of rain water.
– There is a small concrete terrace in front of the chapel.
– From the chapel, you get a view of the ridge of Havran, Kopa, Šíp and a part of the Small Fatra with Chleb and Veľký Kriváň.
– Situated by the chapel is an information panel on the creation of the chapel.
– Passing by the chapel is a green-marked hiking trail running from Stankovany to Podšíp.
– Traditionally, there are holy masses held in the chapel on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows on September, 15.