Places to visit


The most valuable part of Ružomberok is the foothill town of Vlkolínec. Vlkolínec has preserved its original architecture and structure of the mountain village inhabited by tenant farmers, shepherds and woodcutters. The wood log houses, which emerged along the creek, sit enthroned in the sloping terrain of the Great Fatra below Sidorovo hill. The surroundings of Vlkolínec consist of fruit gardens, terrace fields, meadows with abundant wooden hay barns, and woods. The log houses are built in the characteristic Liptov style, with carved trunks of coniferous trees installed on a stone underpinning. The roofs of the houses are covered with wood shingles, as wood was sometimes the most accessible of the materials used for roofing. The log cabins have three rooms, the entrance hall, which served as a kitchen, the storage chamber for food and tools, and the room serving as a living area for all activities including sleeping for the entire family. What is unique about Vlkolínec is that these wooden houses are painted with a coloured lime coating. In the post-war period, people were already aware of the uniqueness of preservation of the original architecture, and Vlkolínec was declared a monument reserve of folk architecture. A bit later it was found that this exceptional place is unique not only in Slovakia, but also in the entire world. That is why in 1993 Vlkolínec was included in the UNESCO List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage, which made it known worldwide.
It seems as if the time has stopped in Vlkolínec, everything is preserved almost in the same form as it was in the middle of last century. Another uniqueness of Vlkolínec is that there are several permanent residents still living in this settlement of wooden houses, whose ages range from little kids to pensioners. In addition to the atmosphere of this log-house town, Vlkolínec also allows you to see exhibitions created for visitors and lovers of history or architecture, or to go discovering the nature in the close surroundings.