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Well “Pri Krkavej Skale” (Near Krkava Rock), Ružomberok - Vlkolínec

The well is situated among the trees near the hiking shelter under Krkavá Skala in the cadastral territory of Ružomberok. It is situated approximately 50 m away from the marked hiking trail and bike trail passing under Krkavá Skala.

– Water is led out from the ground through a pipe.
– There is a wooden well structure with a shingle roof built above the outflow.
– Passing near the spring (50 m), there is a green-marked hiking trail leading from the centre of Ružomberok, past Vlkolínec, to the ridge of the Great Fatra, and a blue-marked educational bike trail connecting Vlkolínec and Pribylina. 
– Above the spring, there is a natural monument of Krkavá Skala (Krkava Rock).
– By the spring, there is a hiking shelter, an information board about Krkavá Skala and a brick chapel.
– The legend about the origins of name Krkavá Skala probably speaks about this well.