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Well below Hrdoš, Švošov

The spring is situated in a wooded area, in the cadastral territory of the town of Švošov. It surfaces at the place where a hiking trail and an educational trail meet below notch Sedlo pod Ostrým. To get to the spring, follow the blue-marked educational trail or the yellow-marked hiking trail from Švošov.

– The water surfaces under a tree by the trail.
– The wooden structure of the well is built over a spring by a tree.
– The well includes a wooden pipe, but there is no water running through the pipe, currently the water runs from underneath the well.
– In front of the well, there is a small wooden bridge for easier access to the water.
– There used to be a wooden frame located above the well with the name of the well and an excerpt from a legend called “Hrdoš”.
– There is a modest sitting area by the well.
– In the vicinity of the well, there is a panel of an educational trail.
– Passing in the vicinity of the well is a blue-marked educational trail, the hiking – educational trail of Švošov.
– Passing by the well is a yellow-marked hiking trail from Švošov to Ľubochňa.
– The well is mainly used by hikers.
– The well is situated in Šípska Fatra, which is a sub-part of the Great Fatra.