Places to visit

Well near Hlivovo, Likavka

The well is situated in the woods, in the vicinity of the area of Hlivovo, below Čebrať hill in Likavka, approximately 0.7 km away from the urban area at S. Nemčeka Street. It surfaces by the educational trail running from Likavka. To get to the well, follow the above-mentioned trail from S. Nemčeka Street in Likavka.

– The well structure consists of a base made of concrete-cast stones, built on top of which are the load-bearing beams of the roof structure.
– The wooden roof structure is covered with felt shingles.
– Placed on the roof structure is a wooden plate with a prayer.
– The water surfaces from the bed into the concrete base and it is led out through an overflow pipe.
– There is a wooden bridge built over the run-off water.
– Passing by the well is an educational trail called “Čebrať – Skalky“ from S. Nemčeka Street in Likavka.
– The well is situated in Šípska Fatra, which is a sub-part of the Great Fatra.
– The spring is used mainly by the inhabitants of Likavka.