Places to visit

Cross at Zadný Šíp, Stankovany

The cross is situated at peak Zadný Šíp, in the cadastral territory of the town of Stankovany. It is located at the top of a rocky cliff, visible from a wide area. To get to the cross from train stop “Stankovany“, it takes about 3 hours on foot along the marked hiking trail from Stankovany.

– The exceptionally large wooden cross is fixed to the rocky cliff with a metal bracket.
– The arms and the top of the cross are covered with sheet metal.
– The cross is south-oriented.
– The arms and the body of the cross are reinforced with metal.
– There is a steel rope on the cross, which serves as a lightning conductor.
– The cross is situated in the National Nature Reserve of Šíp.
– From the cross, you get a view of the Choč Mountains, the Low and the West Tatras, the Small and the Great Fatra.
– Passing by the cross is a yellow-marked hiking trail from Stankovany to Dierová.