Places to visit

Water outlet at Za Makovicou, above Hučiaky

The water outlet is situated behind mountain pass Hučiaky, by a hunting cabin in the area of Za Makovicou. It is located approximately 300 metres away from the red-marked hiking trail running from Ludrová to Salatín. You can get to the outlet along an unmarked trail from Medvedia Lúčka at the end of Hučiaky, where you need to turn left from the hiking trail and stay at the periphery of the woods to the right of the creek bed.

– The water outlet is a man-altered place, to which water is led from a nearby spring, to be used by the visitors of the cabin.
– It consists of an altered stump, from which the water flows out through a hose and then runs down the slope.
– Below the outlet, there is a makeshift bridge made of wood for easier access to the water.
– There is a sitting area in the vicinity of the outlet.
– There also used to be a wooden roof over the outlet, but it has fallen down, because the stump into which it was installed is slowly falling apart.
– The outlet is situated in the cadastral area of Liptovská Štiavnica, in the territory of the Low Tatras National Park.
– The outlet is situated in the National Nature Reserve of Salatín.