Aqua Vital Park Lúčky

Lúčky Spa is one of the oldest spas in Slovakia. It also includes Aqua Vital Park: a bathing complex with a sauna world.

The town of Lúčky is situated on the border between Liptov and Orava, in the beautiful landscape of the Choč Mountains. The spa is situated at the end of the town of Lúčky, which lies 13 kilometres eastward from Ružomberok.

The conditions treated at the spa include digestive diseases, gynaecological conditions, oncological diseases, metabolism disorders and endocrine system disorders, non-tuberculous respiratory diseases, nervous system disorders, musculo-skeletal disorders, occupational diseases and osteoporosis. The medicinal water comes from two wells and it is used in the pools as well as in separate baths.

The Aqua Vital Park includes two outdoor pools, one indoor pool and a sauna world.

In the outdoor area, there is a recreational pool with water temperature of 28 – 33 degrees Celsius with various attractions, such as beach chairs, counter current, waterfall goblet, underwater lighting, massage jets and water spouts, and a sitting pool with medicinal mineral water with temperature of 36 – 38 degrees Celsius, which serves for relaxation. In addition to the pools, there are also other attractions, such as climbing frames, swing sets or a trampoline for kids.

In the indoor area, there is a divided mineral pool with medicinal water with temperature of 33 and 35 degrees Celsius.

The pools are connected to the Vital Sauna World. The Vital World includes: a menthol sauna, a Finnish sauna, a Kneipp bath, a Roman bath with natural inhalation essences, a tepidarium, a turbo shower and a rain shower. There is also an open-air jacuzzi or a cooling pool. The Vital World uses natural essences, which contribute to detoxification of the body, strengthen body’s natural ability to fight disease and release mental stress and tension.