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A peak situated above Nižná Revúca, in Liptovské Revúce, with a double cross at the top.

It is situated south of Ružomberok, above the town of Liptovské Revúce. It is a part of the Great Fatra mountain. It is 1248 m.a.s.l. high. It is located 19 km away from the centre of Ružomberok (as the crow flies). The peak consists of a meadow and there is a wooden double cross. The peak offers circular view of all the cardinal points. It is visible particularly from Liptovské Revúce and the ridges of the Great Fatra and the Low Tatras.

It is accessible via a marked hiking trail from Liptovské Revúce, Liptovská Osada or Donovaly.

The easiest route to the top is the one from Liptovské Revúce (from Nižná Revúca), from where we follow the yellow-marked hiking trail. At signpost ”Pod Končitou“, you need to follow the unmarked trail to the left, along which you will reach the top after about a five minute walk through the trees.

The peak offers lovely panoramic views of the Great Fatra, the Low Tatras and the Choč Mountains. The Great Fatra offers views of Rakytov, Smrekovica, Skalná Alpa, Čierny Kameň, Ploská, Ostredok, Krížna, Sidorovo and many other peaks. Among the Low Tatra peaks, we can mention Salatín, Brankov, Ostrô, Červená Magura, Fedorka, Prašivá, the Chochuľa peaks and many other peaks situated in the Low Tatras. Among the peaks of the Choč Mountains in the background, you can see the dominant peak of Great Choč as well as smaller peaks all the way to Prosečné. You can also see some towns in Lower Liptov, such as a part of Liptovské Revúce, Liptovská Lúžna or Ružomberok.

– Hiking to the peak is possible all year round, winter gear should not be forgotten in winter.
– In winter, guidance is provided in the form of winter pole marking. The last section of approximately 250 metres from the signpost to the top is not marked in any way.
– The route from Liptovské Revúce takes approximately 1:50 hours.
– The route from Liptovská Osada takes approximately 2:30 hours.
– It is usually not the final destination, but only a detour for hikers passing through Zvolen peaks.
– The double cross at the top was built in 2014.