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A peak forming a dominant element in the westernmost part of Liptov, rising above the valley of the Váh River.

It is situated west of Ružomberok, near the town of Stankovany. It is a part of the Great Fatra mountain. It is 1187 m.a.s.l. high. It lies 13 km away from the centre of Ružomberok (as the crow flies). The peak has wooded landscape with a viewpoint located approximately 500 m to the east, on a rocky ledge. The viewpoint area below the top offers a view particularly of the north and the east. It is visible from the westernmost part of Liptov.

It can be accessed via a marked hiking trail from the towns of Ľubochňa and Krpeľany.

We can get to the peak from Ľubochňa, from where we are guided by the red-marked hiking trail.

The peak offers a view of the valley of the Váh River, a part of the Small Fatra, Lower Orava, the Great Choč and the rocky walls of peak Šíp.

– Hiking trails are open all year round, winter gear should not be forgotten in winter.
– The hiking tour from Ľubochňa takes approximately 3 hours.
– The hiking trail bypasses the very top.
– On the viewpoint ledge, there is a cross.
– The steep slopes of peak Kopa have many rocky ledges.