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Mineral spring “Medokýš Hlinava”, Ružomberok - Podsuchá

Mineral spring Hlinava is situated in the vicinity of recreational facility Škutovky, 1.8 km away from the urban area of Liptovská Osada. It can be accessed along the asphalt road leading from Liptovská Osada to recreational facility Škutovky. It surfaces near a sharp right-hand turn at 0.5 km before recreational facility Škutovky (it is the second right-hand turn from Liptovská Osada, after the high voltage line). From the road, you will be guided to the spring by a modest path through the trees (slightly uphill for about 30 m and then down and left towards the stream for about 10 m).

– Reference number of the mineral spring: LM – 64A
– It surfaces in the valley of the Hlinavá Stream.
– It is caught into an earthenware pipe and covered with a lid.
– The water can be obtained by filling in a vessel. – The excess water flows out through an opening.
– The spring water is mildly mineralized, bicarbonate – sulphuric, calcium – magnesium type, carbonated water.
– The water produces a brown sediment.
– It is situated in the protected zone of the Great Fatra National Park.
– It is infrequently used by the local residents.