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Church of the Holy Family in Ružomberok - Rybárpole

The Roman-Catholic Church of the Holy Family is situated in town district Rybárpole, approximately 2 km away from the centre of the town.

The church was consecrated in 1942. It was used mainly by the workers of the Mautner textile factories in Rybárpole. The church was built at the premises of the former commercial cooperative, which were later used as a canteen for workers. These premises were gradually rebuilt into a church, which is their current use as well. At the time when the church was built, a way of the cross was bought for the church, in which the individual stations were reproductions of the way of the cross by German painter G. Fugel. An extensive repair of the church was done in 2000.

At present, the church is in the administration of the Catholic University in Ružomberok, more specifically of its University Pastoral Centre of Ján Vojtaššák.