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Spring below rock Jánošíkova Skala, the bottom one, Ludrovská Valley

The spring is situated at the periphery of a wooded area, in the bushes, near the paved road in the Ludrovská Valley. It is located approximately 1 km away from signpost “Ludrová“ at the end of Ludrová, at which there is also a bus stop called “Ludrová,,otočka“. Passing in the vicinity of the spring is a marked hiking trail from Ludrová.

– The spring surfaces in the bushes, below a sloping road, approximately 20 metres above the paved road in the valley.
– The spring is man-altered. It was used in the past, currently it is abandoned.
– The water surfaces from the ground in a gravel bed covered with growth and moss.
– For easier access, the water is directed into a plastic pipe.
– The water from the spring is a left tributary of the Ludrovianka creek.
– The spring is situated in the cadastral area of Ružomberok, in the protected zone of the Low Tatras National Park.
– Passing in the vicinity of the spring is a red-marked hiking trail running from Ludrová, through Salatín, to Liptovská Lúžna.