Places to visit

Chapel by cabin Májekova Chata, Ružomberok

The chapel is situated in Ružomberok, at the premises of Malinô Brdo ski resort. It is situated on the meadow by the access road to cabin Májekova Chata. It is located 300 m away from the top station of the cable car lift from the Hrabovská Valley to Malinô Brdo resort.

– The chapel consists of a round base made of concrete-cast stones, placed on which is a concrete chapel with three alcoves.
– The chapel is west-oriented.
– In the alcoves, you can see mosaics with Christian motives.
– The chapel has a wooden, cone-shaped, shingle roof with a metal cross at the top.
– There is a sitting area by the chapel.
– The chapel offers a view of the ski run and the peak of Malinné.
– It is located 150 m away from cabin Májekova Chata.